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Practice Sheet # 27

This practice sheet contains a design which consists of a curve S shape line with a leaf on bottom and Open heart petals on top. These petals are made in a shape that they look like bells. How to Make This Design Easily: –  For making this design easily first you should draw the S… Read More »

Practice Sheet # 26

This practice sheet contains a design which consists of almost all the elements of mehndi and henna. This design is a revision to all the small things you learned in past. The two main elements of this design is a paisley and doubled pug tail. All the design goes around these two elements. The upper… Read More »

Practice Sheet # 25

This practice sheet contains a design which consists of a pug tail, bottom part of a paisley and an elongated leaf. These three patterns are arranged in a very nice way. The stomach of the paisley is filled with some parallel rows of humps and a swirl at the bottom. The pug tail and elongated… Read More »

Practice Sheet # 24

This practice sheet contains a design which consists of a paisley with no head only bottom part. The one side of the paisley is outlined with humps and line and the other part is simply outlined with line. On the top there is a flower of open heart with a semi circle. After the flower… Read More »

Practice Sheet # 23

This practice sheet is totally focused on filling of petals. This will teach you how to fill petals perfectly. This henna practice sheet contains three (3) open heart petals each filled differently with different elements. The first petal is filled in two parts, the right side has circles with dot in center and the left… Read More »

Practice Sheet # 22

This practice sheet contains a design which consists of two elongated leaves with humps on the upper side of both leaves making a nice V shape. This practice sheet will teach you to make elements with thin and fine henna lines and to adjust elements within small shapes. How to Make This Design Easily: – … Read More »

Does Henna Change Hair Texture?

Yes, henna changes hair texture. Henna makes hair texture coarse, smooth and straight. Since henna coats the hair and binds with the kertain that makes up the hair strand, the coating rounds out the hair shaft a bit thus making it straighter. However after a few washes hair comes back to normal.

Does Henna Kill Lice?

Yes, henna kills lice. Henna combined with Fenugreek will kill head lice in resistant infestations. Henna combined with Artemisia will completely eradicate head lice, even in severe infestations. How Does It Work? Effective head lice treatments need to work on two fronts, addressing both the adult lice and the nits (eggs) that cling to the… Read More »

Practice Sheet # 21

This practice sheet is totally focused on filling. This will teach you how to fill the shape perfectly. This henna practice sheet contains a leaf filled with humps with a dot in center of every hump. This practice sheet is very easy and simple yet very important because filling is the most important part in… Read More »

Does Henna Cause Hair Loss?

Henna is a plant compound that’s used to add a reddish-brown tint to the hair. Though it’s natural, henna can cause irritation and reaction in the scalp, particularly if it is left on for too long or the woman in question has sensitive skin. Scalp irritation and resultant hair loss can also come about if… Read More »

Is Henna A Protein Treatment?

Henna is like a protein treatment. It bonds to the hair, fills in any gaps in the hair cuticle, and adds a second layer of strength. The lawsone (dye) of the henna penetrates the hair shaft and bonds to the keratin in the hair. Remember, hair is made up of keratin protein. As the dye… Read More »

Does Henna Straighten Hair?

Yes, henna straightens hair. You will get rid of curly hairs with use of henna, but slowly and steadily. It requires a lot of patience. After 5 applications you will see a little bit result. Actually, it depends on individual’s hair. If you have tight curls then henna will show no effects. Here’s a bit… Read More »

Practice Sheet # 20

This practice sheet contains a design which consists of a paisley with half opened stomach. On the open side of the paisley there is a half flower of kisses petals without anything to guide in center. There are some pollens on the inner side of the petals of flower. There is an elongated leaf in… Read More »

How to Henna Natural Hair? OR How to Apply Henna to Hair? OR How To Apply Mehndi On Hair?

Prepare your hairs. Apply vaseline to the parts of the face that are close to your hairline. This will prevent them from getting henna stains. You can start with wet hair or dry hair, but dry hair may be easier. Start at the top and take a very small partition of your hair. Apply from… Read More »

Does Henna Thicken Hair? OR Is Henna Good For Hair Loss? OR Does Henna Make Hair Thicker? OR Does Henna Make Your Hair Grow? OR Does Henna Grow Hair? OR Is Henna Good For Hair Growth?

Yes, henna thickens hair and it is good for hair loss. Henna has been used since ages to thicken hair and give a great body to it. It also gives shine and a touch of color along with the bouncy effect you always wanted. Soak henna powder in water overnight and apply this paste to… Read More »

Does Henna Damage Hair? OR Does Henna Damage Your Hair?

It is said by many hairdressers that henna damage your hair. But this is not true for natural henna. The color of natural henna is red and hennas that are of other colors other then red are not natural hennas. Some Blonde, Brown, Auburn, Mahogany, and other shades of what claims to be henna are… Read More »

Practice Sheet # 19

This practice sheet contains a design which consists of only kisses petals. Like the previous practice sheet, the challenge here is to make the petals in a circle without anything in center to guide. Actually it’s a flower of kisses but the twist is to make it without circle in center. As previously said the… Read More »