How to Henna Natural Hair? OR How to Apply Henna to Hair? OR How To Apply Mehndi On Hair?

By | January 14, 2016
    1. Prepare your hairs.
    2. Apply vaseline to the parts of the face that are close to your hairline. This will prevent them from getting henna stains. You can start with wet hair or dry hair, but dry hair may be easier.
    3. Start at the top and take a very small partition of your hair.
    4. Apply from the roots to the length of the hairs. Use a lot of henna and a thick application.
    5. Twist the hair section and leave it lying out of the way.

    6. Make sure your next partition of hair is the one closest to the section your just did. Keep doing this, until you have applied henna to your entire head of hair.
    7. Leave the henna in for 2-4 hours, or longer for a deeper color. You can leave it in overnight if you like. Wrap your head in saran wrap or a plastic cap. Then wrap it all with a shower hood to prevent the henna from getting anywhere.
    8. Rinse out all the henna. That’s it. You are all done.

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