Practice Sheet # 24

By | April 26, 2016

This practice sheet contains a design which consists of a paisley with no head only bottom part. The one side of the paisley is outlined with humps and line and the other part is simply outlined with line. On the top there is a flower of open heart with a semi circle. After the flower there are two (2) swirls. Now we come to fillings. First we will fill the paisley. We will start the filling from bottom. Make a small flower of humps then make 2 arcs, mummify the top arc and then made another arc above it. Fill the remaining part with arcs making small sections. Then fill the semi circle. Start with a small flower of humps and then draw lines joining the flower and the outline of semi circle. Then fill the flower which is very simple. This practice sheet is a little bit difficult but full concentration will make it easy.

How to Make This Design Easily: – 
For making this design easily first you should draw the paisley and then outline it. Then draw flower of open heart with a semi circle and the swirls. Then start the filling. First fill the paisley step by step starting from bottom as described above. And then fill the semi circle and then at last fill the flower. As this is practice sheet # 24 so the level of difficulty is higher. Best of luck!!

 The design of this practice sheet is shown below:-

Download Practice Sheet of This Design

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