Practice Sheet # 21

By | January 27, 2016

This practice sheet is totally focused on filling. This will teach you how to fill the shape perfectly. This henna practice sheet contains a leaf filled with humps with a dot in center of every hump. This practice sheet is very easy and simple yet very important because filling is the most important part in any henna tattoo. So you should be good in filling.

How to Make This Design Easily: –
For making this design easily first you should draw the leaf and then you should fill it with humps and then put a dot in center of every hump. This is it. The main thing to focus in this mehndi practice sheet is filling. There is no hard and fast rule that you should draw a leaf like we have drawn and then fill it. You can also draw any other shape and fill it. Do practice; draw different shapes like circles, squares, paisleys etc and fill them.

The design of this practice sheet is shown below:-

practice-sheet-21Download Practice Sheet of This Design

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