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Designer’s Henna Design

This henna design is for the front side of hand. This mehandi design is very easy and simple and creative. This mehendi design consists of pug tails, veins, spears, swirls, vine with leaves, fish bones, posey humps, fish bones, humps, net etc. All these patterns are arranged in such a great manner making this hinna… Read More »

Flower Henna Tattoo

This flower henna tattoo consists of a design which has two (2) layers surrounded on a circle with a big dot in center and spears around. There are seven (7) open heart petals and an elongated leaf in the first layer. The second layer consists of kisses petals, there is a kiss petal on every… Read More »

Are Henna Tattoos Waterproof?

Henna tattoos are not actually waterproof but they can be said waterproof in a sense that the orange color tattoo after removing and washing the dried paste last for weeks. There are some waterproof henna stickers available in market. Please click here if you want to buy waterproof henna tattoos stickers. If you want to… Read More »

Arabic Henna Tattoo 2

This Arabic henna tattoo is also known as Arabic mehndi design. This henna tattoo consists of open hearts, pug tails, leaves, dots, tribbles, and humps etc. This tattoo is very easy and simple. Even a beginner can apply this hinna tattoo easily.

Best Henna Tattoo Of 2016

Our team have chosen this henna tattoo as best henna tattoo of our site. This butterfly henna tattoo is the most liked tattoo on our site. A lot of people have also pinned it on pinterest. This is the best henna tattoo to be applied in 2016. All the other tattoos on our site are… Read More »

Where To Get Henna Tattoos? OR Where To Get A Henna Tattoo? OR Who Does Henna Tattoos? OR Where Can I Get A Henna Tattoo? OR Places That Do Henna Tattoos?

You can get henna tattoos anywhere at any place; there are many designers that apply henna tattoos. To find a tattoo artist in your area search on Google ‘henna tattoo artist in (your area name)’. If you want more assistance contact us we will help you. You can also learn to apply henna tattoos by… Read More »

Paisley Henna Tattoos

There are three paisley henna tattoos in this design. These three are joined together making a nice design. All these three tattoos contain paisleys, pug tails, leaves and peas arranged very nicely. The tallest design on the right is representing a half open pea as top part and on the bottom there are paisley and… Read More »

Orchid Henna Tattoo

This henna tattoo consists of a very beautiful orchid flower. The orchids are a large family of flowering plants, the Orchidaceae. They are herbaceous monocots. This orchid henna tattoo is made of fish bones, tribbles. The shading has enhanced the beauty of flower. The design is ended with the help of pug tails on top… Read More »

Opening Bud Or Flower Henna Tattoo

The name of the tattoo itself speaks what the tattoo contains. This Opening bud/flower henna tattoo contains an opening bud which is made with the help of henna patterns like leaves, fish bones etc and with some nice filling. All this altogether made it look like a bud is opening and a nice fresh flower… Read More »

Bell Henna Tattoo

This bell henna tattoo consists of a leaf shape outlined with dots and lines. Inside the shape there are bells arranged vertically going nicely with shape of the leaf; where the shape is wide the size of the bell is also wide. The bells are surrounded by dots and circles and tribbles giving it a… Read More »

Is Henna Permanent? OR Do Henna Tattoos Really Come Off? OR Does Henna Wash Out? OR Does Henna Fade? OR Is Henna Permanent On Skin? OR Does Henna Come Off? OR Do Henna Tattoos Leave Any Impressions or Marks After They Come Off? OR Are Henna Tattoos Permanent? OR Is Henna Tattoo Permanent? OR Do Henna Tattoos Come Off? OR Are Henna Tattoos Temporary? OR Do Henna Tattoos Wash Off? OR Does Henna Wash Off?

Henna tattoo come off in a week or may be two to three weeks. They don’t stay forever. They are not permanent tattoos, they are temporary tattoos. But yes if you use black henna and get allergies then there are chances that it will leave impressions or marks caused by skin burning so please be… Read More »

Paisley Henna Tattoo

This henna tattoo consists of a paisley filled with circles, humps, tribbles and fish bones. The top part of the tattoo has 2 semicircles and 4 open hearts. This hinna tattoo is very beautiful yet simple and easy as well.

Drum Henna Tattoo

This drum henna tattoo consists of a drum with a stick to play the drum. The main elements of this tattoo are fish bones, dots, net, humps etc. All these patterns are arranged in a great manner which enhances the beauty of this hinna tattoo.

Floral Henna Tattoo 3

This floral henna tattoo consists of a flower which has three (3) layers of petals surrounded on a mummified circle with a swirl in center. There are five (5) kisses petals in every layer arranged in a nice manner. There are pollens in every petal and all the petals are shaded. This hinna design is… Read More »

Rose Henna Tattoo 2

This rose henna tattoo is very simple. This henna tattoo consists of a sketch of rose flower filled very nicely and as it contains a rose flower sketch, it is called rose henna tattoo. This tattoo Is very simple and looks amazing when applied.

Simple Henna Designs For Fingers

These Mehndi and henna tattoo designs and patterns are for the front sides of fingers. These fingers’ henna designs are very easy to apply and look great when applied. These finger henna designs consist of pug tails, tribbles and elongated leaves. Over all this is an appropriate tattoo pattern to be applied on fingers.

Half Floral Henna Tattoo

This half floral henna tattoo consists of a half flower which has two (2) layers of petals surrounded on a mummified circle with a big dot in center. There are six (6) open heart petals in the first layer of flower. All the open hearts are shaded. In the second layer of flower there are… Read More »

Christmas Eve Henna Tattoo

This Christmas Eve henna tattoo is a special henna design for Christmas. Christmas is a festival celebrated by Christians. This henna tattoo consists of a Christmas tree made by pug tails. This Christmas henna tattoo is very simple and creative and looks amazing when applied.

Hand Henna Tattoo

 This hand henna tattoo is also known as Arabic henna tattoo. This henna tattoo design consists of a bail comprising of pug tails, leaves, vines, spears, sprout, game and flower of humps. This tattoo is simple and easy to apply and looks gorgeous when applied.