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Floral Henna Tattoo With Leaves

This henna tattoo consist of a flower of open hearts with some shading inside and two leaves one on the top of flower and one on the bottom of flower. This floral henna tattoo with leaves is very easy and looks attractive.

Opening Bud Or Flower Henna Tattoo

The name of the tattoo itself speaks what the tattoo contains. This Opening bud/flower henna tattoo contains an opening bud which is made with the help of henna patterns like leaves, fish bones etc and with some nice filling. All this altogether made it look like a bud is opening and a nice fresh flower… Read More »

Eid Mehndi Tattoo

This mehndi tattoo is a special tattoo for Eid. Eid-ul-Azha is a festival of Muslims. It is celebrated on the tenth of Zil Hajj. It is celebrated by Muslims worldwide to commemorate the willingness of Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S) to sacrifice his son Hazrat Ismail (A.S) as an act of obedience to Almighty Allah, before Allah… Read More »

Hand Henna Tattoo

 This hand henna tattoo is also known as Arabic henna tattoo. This henna tattoo design consists of a bail comprising of pug tails, leaves, vines, spears, sprout, game and flower of humps. This tattoo is simple and easy to apply and looks gorgeous when applied.

Arabic Henna Tattoo

This henna tattoo is also known as Arabic henna tattoo. This tattoo consists of almost all the patterns of henna designs. It consists of fishbone, pug tails, leaves, sprouts, tribbles, vines and humps etc. This tattoo is a little bit difficult to apply but it looks very nice and gorgeous when applied.

Feet Henna Tattoo

This feet henna is known as Arabic feet henna tattoo. This henna tattoo is very difficult to describe. This tattoo consists of almost all the patterns of henna designs. It consists of flowers, leaves, pug tails and many others. This tattoo is fantastic.

Wrist Henna Tattoo

This henna tattoo is for the wrist of the hand. This wrist henna tattoo is very simple. This henna design is also known as Arabic henna design. This tattoo consists of two (2) circles filled with net and surrounded by open hearts, making two (2) beautiful flowers. This tattoo also consists of some vines, leaves,… Read More »

Funny Henna Tattoo

 This henna tattoo is very funny. Whenever I look at this tattoo it makes me laugh very much, LOL (Laugh Out Loud). Everyone laugh at this tattoo by their own imaginations. Writing description about this tattoo is like stopping your imagination. You should comment on this post about your imaginations to make others also laugh.

Leaves Henna Tattoo

This leaves henna tattoo is very beautiful. This leaves tattoo consists of pugtails and leaves are attached to these pug tails. Three (3) stars and one (1) flower are used to decorate this tattoo. The shading has made this tattoo look more gorgeous.