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Hand Henna Tattoo

 This hand henna tattoo is also known as Arabic henna tattoo. This henna tattoo design consists of a bail comprising of pug tails, leaves, vines, spears, sprout, game and flower of humps. This tattoo is simple and easy to apply and looks gorgeous when applied.

Wrist Henna Tattoo

This henna tattoo is for the wrist of the hand. This wrist henna tattoo is very simple. This henna design is also known as Arabic henna design. This tattoo consists of two (2) circles filled with net and surrounded by open hearts, making two (2) beautiful flowers. This tattoo also consists of some vines, leaves,… Read More »

Floral Vine Henna Tattoo

This floral vine henna tattoo is very beautiful and very easy to apply. This henna tattoo consists of an orchid flower surrounded by vines making a beautiful look. In short this tattoo is very simple and attractive.

Floral Vine Henna Tattoo With Pug Tails

This floral vine henna tattoo with pugtails is very beautiful and a little bit difficult to apply. As its name defines this henna tattoo consists of some buds, flowers, pug tails, vines and dots arranged in a very beautiful way. In short this tattoo is very attractive and gorgeous.