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Designer’s Henna Design

This henna design is for the front side of hand. This mehandi design is very easy and simple and creative. This mehendi design consists of pug tails, veins, spears, swirls, vine with leaves, fish bones, posey humps, fish bones, humps, net etc. All these patterns are arranged in such a great manner making this hinna… Read More »

Mandala Henna Tattoo

This palm henna tattoo is very simple. To create a front hand henna design like this one, pinpoint the center of the palm (or close enough to the center) and start with a dot, a circle, a spiral, a flower, a star, any symbol or image that you like. Then continue adding designs that radiate… Read More »

Hand Henna Tattoo

 This hand henna tattoo is also known as Arabic henna tattoo. This henna tattoo design consists of a bail comprising of pug tails, leaves, vines, spears, sprout, game and flower of humps. This tattoo is simple and easy to apply and looks gorgeous when applied.