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Fancy Floral Mehndi Design

Once you learned to draw a tattoo then a full mehndi design is no big deal for you. Mehndi designs are a combinations of small tattoos combined together. This hand henna design is made using only one tattoo “Half Floral Henna Tattoo”. This Floral Mehndi Design is for the front side of hand. This is… Read More »

Birthday Henna design

This henna design is a special henna design for birthday occasion. A birthday is an occasion when a person celebrates the anniversary of his birth. Birthdays are celebrated in numerous cultures, often with a gift or party. This mehndi design consists of a birthday cake surrounded by flowers of humps. This design also consists of… Read More »

Designer’s Henna Design

This henna design is for the front side of hand. This mehandi design is very easy and simple and creative. This mehendi design consists of pug tails, veins, spears, swirls, vine with leaves, fish bones, posey humps, fish bones, humps, net etc. All these patterns are arranged in such a great manner making this hinna… Read More »