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Orchid Henna Tattoo

This henna tattoo consists of a very beautiful orchid flower. The orchids are a large family of flowering plants, the Orchidaceae. They are herbaceous monocots. This orchid henna tattoo is made of fish bones, tribbles. The shading has enhanced the beauty of flower. The design is ended with the help of pug tails on top… Read More »

How Do I Make My Henna Less Watery? OR How To Thicken My Henna Paste?

If your henna paste is too watery or runny, adjust the mixture at once. Follow the following steps to make your henna less watery and thicken it: Mix your henna paste thoroughly in order to break up any clumps of dry paste. Add 1 tsp of henna powder to the henna paste. Stir the henna… Read More »

Opening Bud Or Flower Henna Tattoo

The name of the tattoo itself speaks what the tattoo contains. This Opening bud/flower henna tattoo contains an opening bud which is made with the help of henna patterns like leaves, fish bones etc and with some nice filling. All this altogether made it look like a bud is opening and a nice fresh flower… Read More »

How To Get Henna Off Skin? OR How can I get rid of henna tattoos? OR How To Get Henna Off?

To get rid of henna tattoos or to get henna off read this post. This post contains all instructions. http://mehndinhenna.com/how-to-remove-mehndi-or-henna-tattoo/

Bell Henna Tattoo

This bell henna tattoo consists of a leaf shape outlined with dots and lines. Inside the shape there are bells arranged vertically going nicely with shape of the leaf; where the shape is wide the size of the bell is also wide. The bells are surrounded by dots and circles and tribbles giving it a… Read More »

Is Henna Permanent? OR Do Henna Tattoos Really Come Off? OR Does Henna Wash Out? OR Does Henna Fade? OR Is Henna Permanent On Skin? OR Does Henna Come Off? OR Do Henna Tattoos Leave Any Impressions or Marks After They Come Off? OR Are Henna Tattoos Permanent? OR Is Henna Tattoo Permanent? OR Do Henna Tattoos Come Off? OR Are Henna Tattoos Temporary? OR Do Henna Tattoos Wash Off? OR Does Henna Wash Off?

Henna tattoo come off in a week or may be two to three weeks. They don’t stay forever. They are not permanent tattoos, they are temporary tattoos. But yes if you use black henna and get allergies then there are chances that it will leave impressions or marks caused by skin burning so please be… Read More »

Why Are Henna Tattoos Just As Expensive As Real Tattoos?

Not all henna tattoos are that expensive, but many are, especially if the artist is very talented. Henna tattooing takes just as much time and skill as needle tattooing, believe it or not. Henna tattooists are artists, and if you want a good henna tattoo, you can expect to pay for it.

My Henna Tattoo Is Very Orange, Can I Go Over It Again?

When you have removed the dry henna paste you will see an orange-yellow stain left on your skin. The stain will deepen into a richer reddish-brown tone over the next 48 hours. So please don’t go over it again this will mess up the tattoo.

Where Is Henna Sold? OR Where To Buy Henna Hair Color? OR Who Sells Henna Hair Dye? OR Where To Buy Henna For Eyebrows? OR Henna Where To Buy? OR Where To Get Henna Powder? OR Where To Buy Henna Tattoo Kits? OR Where To Buy Henna Hair Dye? OR Where To Buy Henna Cones? OR Where To Buy Henna Kits? OR Where To Buy Henna Paste? OR Where Can I Buy Henna Hair Dye? OR Where Can I Buy Henna Pens? OR Where Can You Buy Henna Kits For Henna Tattoos? OR Where Can You Buy Henna Supplies For Henna Tattoos? OR Where Can I Buy A Henna Kit? OR Where To Buy Henna For Hair? OR Where To Buy Henna For Tattoos? OR How Much Are Henna Kits? OR What Stores Sell Henna Kits?

If you want to buy henna hair dye, henna kits, henna pens, henna powder, henna cones or any other henna supplies, please go to our store by clicking here.

Is It Possible To Make Homemade Henna Without Henna Powder And Oil? OR How To Made Henna Paste Without Henna Powder?

There is no way to make henna without henna powder. Below there are some substitutes of henna without henna powder actually then it’s not called henna it’s just a substitute of henna that looks like henna. Mix the hot water and cornstarch Pour 1/4-cup hot water in a bowl, and add 1/4-cup cornstarch. Use a… Read More »

Is Henna Safe? OR Does Henna Hurt? OR Are Henna Tattoos Painful? OR Do Henna Tattoos Hurt? OR Are Henna Tattoos Safe? OR Does Getting A Henna Tattoo Hurt? OR Does A Henna Tattoo Hurt? OR Does Henna Tattoo Hurt? OR Is Henna Tattoo Safe? OR Is Henna Safe For Skin? OR Does Henna Tattoos Hurt?

Yes, natural henna is safe. It doesn’t hurt you or cause any pain at all. But please don’t apply black henna, for more information please read these dangers of henna. Henna is applied using a bottle or a cone like a pastry cone. It is put on the skin, like a lotion in a pleasing… Read More »

What Kind Of Oil Do You Put On A Henna Tattoo To Keep It Longer?

Eucalyptus oil or Mehndi oil is used in the henna paste. To enhance henna tattoo after it is applied, use the typical lemon juice/sugar paste with a drop of eucalyptus oil dabbed on gently while it is drying so it actually stays wet over a three hour period – it will dye the skin better.… Read More »

How To Preserve Your Henna Tattoo As Long As Possible? OR How Can I Made My Henna Tattoo Last Longer? OR How To Take Care Of Your Henna Tattoo? OR How Can I Protect My Henna Tattoo From The Shower? OR How Can You Protect Your Henna Tattoo From Pool Chlorine?

Take care to maintain your henna as long as possible. Apply oil to the henna area before shower. You can bath and shower as usual. Avoid chlorine, salt water, dish soap, bleach, other cleaning materials, and any other harsh chemicals. Excess washing and friction from clothing will make the stain fade faster. The less you… Read More »

How Long Does Henna Tattoo Last? OR How Long Does Henna Last On Skin? OR How Long Does Henna Stay On? OR How Long Will Henna Last? OR How Long Does Mehndi Last? OR How Long Does Henna Last? OR How Long Does Henna Paste Last? OR How Long Does Henna Stay?

Depending on how long the paste was left on, where the tattoo is located, and the natural properties of the individual’s skin, henna stains will last anywhere between a week and a month. Thinner skin like tops of hands (which are also washed frequently, making them exfoliate faster) this cause tattoo usually last around a… Read More »

How Can I Get My Henna Tattoo To Dry Quicker? OR How To Dry Henna Tattoo Quicker?

In order to get your henna tattoo dry quicker apply a mixture of sugar water and lime, it will give you a good color also and after you remove it you should apply some balm to get even a better color which will last longer.

How Long Does Henna Take To Dry? OR How Long Do Henna Tattoos Take To Dry Up?

The drying time of a Henna tattoo is dependent upon the type of Henna used. Many new types of Henna have been introduced in markets which give color within a few minutes. A typical Henna type takes around an hour to dry and give good color. I prefer to keep henna longer than 1 hour… Read More »