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How To Get Henna Off Skin? OR How can I get rid of henna tattoos? OR How To Get Henna Off?

To get rid of henna tattoos or to get henna off read this post. This post contains all instructions. http://mehndinhenna.com/how-to-remove-mehndi-or-henna-tattoo/

How To Remove Henna Tattoos? OR How To Get Mehndi Off? OR How To Remove Henna Quickly? OR How To Remove Mehndi Or Henna Tattoo?

Removing Mehndi/henna is very easy. In fact water work as a henna removal. It is best to avoid water to touch tattoo for the first 24 hours. Petroleum products such as baby oil or Vaseline also work as tattoo removal and will contribute to the demise henna stain. Excess rubbing of the area where tattoo… Read More »