Is Henna Good For Hair? OR Is Henna Bad For Your Hair? OR Does Henna Hair Dye Work? OR What Does Henna Do To Hair? OR Is Henna Hair Dye Safe? OR Is Henna Good For Your Hair? OR Is Henna Bad For Hair? OR Is Henna Safe For Hair? OR What Does Henna Do For Hair? OR Is Henna Safe For Your Hair?

By | December 14, 2015

Henna is not bad for your hairs, it is very good for your hair. Natural henna hair dye is safe. The color of natural henna is red and hennas that are of other colors other then red are not natural hennas. Some Blonde, Brown, Auburn, Mahogany, and other shades of what claims to be henna are mixes of amla, indigo, walnut, rhubarb, and Lawsonia, with other plant or synthetic dyes added, and may have metallic salts added. Many of these products have no henna whatsoever and are chemical dyes and they damage your hair.

Henna is one of the most popular beauty herbs in tropical countries. Since ages it has been used to make hair shiny, healthy and gorgeous. The power of this green herb is not only used to decorate hands or cover grey hairs, but is also applied on hair to bring back the health of your tresses.

Healthy and Shiny hair:

Apply henna pack twice a month to make hair healthy, glossy and voluminous. It helps bring back the lost health of your hair and repairs damaged locks. Henna restores the acid-alkaline balance of the scalp without affecting the natural balance of your hair.

Good Conditioner:

Henna is a very good conditioner for your hair. It covers each hair shaft and builds a protective layer that safeguards the strands from damage. Regular use of henna makes your hair thick and strong by locking the essential moisture in the hair. This herbal hair pack adds a natural shine and gloss to your mane and makes them two times stronger.

Covers grey hairs:

If you want a rich colored mane without affecting the health of your hair like other chemical dyes, then henna is your answer. It has no amino acid or other chemicals that takes away the moisture from your hair which leaves it damaged and dull. Boil water with two tablespoons of dried amla, one teaspoon of black tea and two cloves. Strain the water and add in henna to make a thick paste. Leave overnight or for at least two hours and apply on hair.

Fight dandruff:

Henna is known to cure dandruff quite effectively. Soak one two teaspoons of fenugreek seeds overnight in water and grind them in the morning. Heat some mustard oil and add a few henna leaves. Let it cool down and add fenugreek paste in the oil. You can strain the oil mixture to get rid of coarse particle and apply on the scalp an hour before the shampoo.

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