How To Mix Henna Powder? OR How To Make Henna Or Mehndi?

By | June 27, 2012
  1. Assemble Supplies
    • Fresh Henna Powder, 20 grams or 1/4 Cup
    • Fresh Lemon Juice
    • Plastic Bowl
    • Spoon
    • Sugar
    • Plastic Wrap

  2. Pour 20 grams or 1/4 of fresh henna powder into a plastic bowl.
  3. Add 1/4 cup of strained fresh lemon juice.
  4. Stir the henna powder and lemon juice until they are completely mixed together and no lumps of dry henna powder remain. The paste will be thick, similar to toothpaste or mashed potatoes.
  5. Add 1.5 teaspoons sugar. Also add Cajeput, Tea Tree and Ravensara. Mix the ingredients thoroughly. The paste will become smooth and silky.
  6. Cover the paste with plastic wrap. Press the plastic wrap against the surface of the paste expelling any air pockets.
  7. Let the paste sit in a warm place, around 75 ° to 85° Fahrenheit/24° to 29° Centigrade, for 24 hours to allow the dye to be released out of the henna leaves so it will stain your skin deeply and as strong as possible.
  8. Now mehandi is ready to be used.
  9. Add ¼ teaspoon of fresh lemon juice. Add more if needed. The hinna paste should be smooth and creamy, similar to yogurt.
  10. Mehndi is now ready to be filled in a cone or bottle.

  • NOTE: Begin mixing paste the day before you would like to apply the henna. It takes about 24 hours to prepare the henna paste for application.

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