How To Make Mehndi Darker? OR How To Apply Mehndi OR Henna Tattoo Designs And Patterns OR Does Henna Darken?

By | June 29, 2012
    1. 20-30 minutes after the paste is applied the henna will lose its shine and the mud will dry and begin to crack.
    2. A mixture of lemon juice and white sugar is kept ready in a small bowl. Mix 1 teaspoon sugar with 3 teaspoons lemon juice to prepare the mixture.
    3. Apply the mixture gently with a clean cotton patch to that part where henna has been applied; so that the henna does not get dry and fall off. This lemon sugar mixture will create protective “glue” between your skin and the henna. Be careful not to over saturate the paste as designs can run and bleed together. Apply the mixture 2-3 times.
    4. The painted area is then wrapped by stuffing tissue between fingers, and in the palm of hand. Wrapping need lots of absorbent tissue to keep the perspiration sopped up.
    5. Start wrapping tissues around your hand like a mummy.
    6. Wrap plastic over the tissues.
    7. Tape the wrap down with packing tape.
    8. Steam henna for extra deep colour. Before you are ready to remove the paste and wraps hold the area over steam for 10 minutes. A pot of boiling water or tea kettle works well or heat 2 to 3 cloves on an iron pan and put your hands over its fumes. The extra heat and steam help to deepen the stain color.

    9. After the paste has been on your skin for 6 – 12 hours it is ready to be removed. Peel off wrappings and scrape off the paste. Using a paper towel and vegetable oil (corn, olive, and canola) or lemon juice, gently rub off the dried henna paste if it is sticking to the skin. Do not use water to remove the paste, it can ruin the stain.
    10. Once you have unwrapped and removed the dry henna paste you will see an orange-yellow stain left on your skin. The stain will deepen into a richer reddish-brown tone over the next 48 hours.
    11. The final color is reddish brown and can last anywhere from one to three weeks depending on the quality and type of henna paste applied, as well as where it was applied on the body (thicker skin stains darker and longer than thin skin). Moisturizing with natural oils, such as olive, sesame seed, or coconut, will also help extend the lifetime of the stain, as skin exfoliation is what causes the henna tattoo to fade.
    12.  It is best to avoid water for the first 24 hours.
    13.  Rub your henna/Mehndi with a natural vegetable oil before bathing or swimming to protect it from water. Corn, canola, or olive oil all work well. Avoid using any petroleum products such as baby oil or Vaseline as they will contribute to the demise of your stain.
    14.  Avoid excess rubbing of the area.
    15. Avoid shaving over your henna/Mehndi stain. Shaving removes layers of skin.

NOTE: After removing the Mehndi if you feel that the color is not good, apply a mixture of half a spoon of oil and lime. The color becomes darker within 2 hours. But that color would only last for 2 days. It is the last possible remedy. Wash your hands with liquid soap to keep Mehndi design for a longer period. Avoid too much rinsing of hands.

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