Messy Bloody Henna Tattoo — Its Full Of Blood

By | January 25, 2016

Messy Bloody Henna Tattoo

Messy Bloody Henna Tattoo

The name of the tattoo itself describes its nature. This henna tattoo is created with red and black mehndi. Before using these color hennas please do an allergic test as they contain chemicals such as PPD chemical. Creating this tattoo will make people think that your skin is wounded but in reality its a henna tattoo which will go away in few weeks. Creating this tattoo is not a tough row to hoe, its so easy. What you need to do is first create a messy tattoo with black henna, remember to use a thin tip and make the tattoo crowded like the one in picture. Then take your red henna and use very little amount of henna paste like you use in shading of petals etc and make small thin lines using less henna paste wherever you found gapes and you think that it is suitable to place henna there. And this is it your tattoo is done now play with your friends saying that I am wounded the tattoo artist wounded my skin and when they become serious and sad and tensed tell them that you were just playing with them its a joke. 😉

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