Mehndi’n’Henna Henna Tattoo

By | August 29, 2015

Mehndi’n’Henna henna tattoo

           Mehndi’n’Henna Henna Tattoo

This Mehndi’n’Henna henna tattoo consists of only two stars combined in a stylish way. This is a multicolor henna tattoo. We have made this tattoo especially for our mehndi’n’henna subscribers and fans. Apply it to your hand and email us at If we like your design we will upload it on our site with your name. You can also send us pictures of other tattoos with our site name if we like them we will upload them on our site with your name. The idea behind using stars is that Mehndi’n’henna always shines like a star today, tomorrow and forever.

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