Lush Henna How To?

By | January 6, 2016

Henna is the natural alternative to synthetic hair dye. It’s easy to get glossy, rich hair color at home, and we show you how to get the shade you want.

Our bricks are made using the finest-quality Persian henna, conditioning cocoa butter and gorgeous essential oils that leave your hair looking and smelling fabulous. Choose from four shades:

Rouge is a vibrant red that glints gloriously in the sunlight, with deep tones brought out by a pinch of coffee and shininess helped by fresh organic lemon juice.

Brun contains indigo and a pinch of ground coffee to tint your hair a deep chocolate brown colour, with nettle powder to tone and soothe the scalp.

Marron turns hair a shiny chestnut colour with autumnal tones thanks to a splash of lemon juice as well as a pinch of ground coffee that adds depth.

Noir is the one to use for a rich-blue black shade, as we’ve used lots of indigo herb here. We’ve also used a little red henna to add extra shine without bringing out any red tones.


You will need:

  • Rubber gloves
  • A bain-marie or a heat-proof bowl in a saucepan
  • A spoon for stirring
  • Newspapers on the floor
  • Clips to section your hair
  • Dark-colored towels
  • Cling film/shower cap
  • Ultrabalm/Ultrabland to cover your hairline and ears
  • Coloring brush to apply henna (or use gloved hands)


  1. Firstly, do a strand test to check you’re happy with the color (especially important if you’ve got chemically-treated hair) – the shade will continue to develop for up to 24 hours after you apply it. Just add boiling water to a small amount of henna in a heat-proof bowl and then use rubber gloves to apply to a strand of hair about half an inch wide. Leave for an hour or two, and then shampoo, rinse, dry, and leave for 24 hours.
  2. To apply to the whole head if you’re happy with the strand test, chop up the henna brick into small pieces and drop into a bain-marie. Cover the pieces with boiling water, which melts the cocoa butter and releases the ingredients. Stir until the henna is the consistency of melted chocolate, adding more hot water if needed – the hotter the henna, the better the results.
  3. Smooth Ultrabalm or Ultrabland around your ears and hairline to prevent stained skin. Wearing rubber gloves apply the henna to clean, dry hair and work through section by section, back to front. Start with the roots and smooth through the length of your hair. Let it sit for one to three hours (for a redder shade, wrap hair in cling film or a shower cap) and then shampoo, rinse and dry. The color will develop over 24 hours; apply as many times as you like to build a rich color and shine.

Which shade is for me?

Rouge is the full-on red henna, turning blondes and greys into fiery redheads. Those with naturally dark brown hair will see a more subtle result; a warm natural red tone with a glossy sheen which will catch in the sun.

Marron will give blondes shiny hair the color of autumn conkers. Brunettes will get a pleasing reddish tinge, though less pronounced than those using Rouge.

Brun will make blonde hair several shades darker, giving a rich coffee-colored glaze. For brunettes, this is the shade to use if you want the conditioning benefits of henna without drastically changing your natural color.

Noir is mixed with indigo to give a black gloss with a very slight reddish tinge. All hair will go several shades darker after using this shade.

This article has been taken from lush henna site.

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