How Much Does Henna Tattoo Cost? OR How Much Are Henna Tattoos? OR How Much Does Henna Cost? OR How Much Does It Cost To Get a Professional Henna Tattoo Done? OR How Much Does a Henna Tattoo Cost? OR Price Quote On a Henna Tattoo?

By | October 26, 2015

The price varies from place to place, and of course from artist to artist, but as a general guide:

Small Henna Tattoo, e.g. Japanese character usually costs £4 – £6 (€6 – €8 or $8 – $10)
Medium Henna Tattoo, e.g. Tribal Armband usually costs £10 -£15 (€15 – €20 or $20 – $25)
Large Henna Tattoo, e.g. Big Upper Arm Piece usually costs £25 – £30 (€40 – €45 or $50 – $55)

For larger designs and traditional Bridal Artwork, Henna Artists usually charge by the hour or by the day, prices include product used. Again, prices vary from place to place & artist to artist, but as a general guide:

An average hourly rate charged is £40 (€60 or $75)
An average daily rate charged is £200 (€300 or $375)

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