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Opening Bud Or Flower Henna Tattoo

The name of the tattoo itself speaks what the tattoo contains. This Opening bud/flower henna tattoo contains an opening bud which is made with the help of henna patterns like leaves, fish bones etc and with some nice filling. All this altogether made it look like a bud is opening and a nice fresh flower… Read More »

Practice Sheet # 17

This practice sheet contains a design which consists of an elongated leaf. There are pug tails on top and bottom of leaf. The pug tails are shaped nicely using wide humps. There are flowers of humps on top and bottom of the design ending the practice henna tattoo very nicely. If you look at this… Read More »

Bell Henna Tattoo

This bell henna tattoo consists of a leaf shape outlined with dots and lines. Inside the shape there are bells arranged vertically going nicely with shape of the leaf; where the shape is wide the size of the bell is also wide. The bells are surrounded by dots and circles and tribbles giving it a… Read More »

Do Henna Tattoos Really Come Off? OR Do Henna Tattoos Leave Any Impressions or Marks After They Come Off? OR Are Henna Tattoos Permanent?

Henna tattoo come off in a week or may be two to three weeks. They don’t stay forever. They are not permanent tattoos, they are temporary tattoos. But yes if you use black henna and get allergies then there are chances that it will leave impressions or marks caused by skin burning so please be… Read More »

How Do I Remove Henna Tattoo Marks From Bed Sheets? OR How To Remove Henna Stains From Clothes?

People use henna for a number of reasons. Some people use it as a hair dye because of its natural properties of leaving a dark shade of brown and also because they believe that it doesn’t have chemicals in it. Other people use it to make tattoos on their bodies. In India and sub-continent the… Read More »