Practice Sheet # 17

By | November 17, 2015

This practice sheet contains a design which consists of an elongated leaf. There are pug tails on top and bottom of leaf. The pug tails are shaped nicely using wide humps. There are flowers of humps on top and bottom of the design ending the practice henna tattoo very nicely. If you look at this design more clearly you will find that both top and bottom parts of the design are same; actually they are reflection of one another.

How to Make This Design Easily: –
For making this design easily first you should draw the elongated leaf and then the pug tails. Then shape the pug tails using wide humps. Last step is to draw the flowers of humps on top and bottom of the design giving it a nice and final look.

The design of this practice sheet is shown below:-

Download Practice Sheet of This Design

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